Brandon Newton

Brandon Newton's primary passion in life is helping others, and he pursues this passion through a wide array of synergistic passions and interests. Aside from these goal driven interests, Brandon's hobbies support his idea that we must all enjoy life to the fullest and never miss the opportunity to engage in new experiences. Here are just a few of Brandon's passions.

Passion for Advising  

Whether he is tutoring pre-medical students, consulting for executives of a large corporation, or discussing the pros and cons of illegal immigration south of the United States' border, Brandon has a deep passion for helping others make major life decisions of many kinds. A diverse range of experiences and logical reasoning allows him to help men, women, and children with important life decisions while always keeping their best interests in mind.

  Passion for Healing

"Without our health we have very little." - Brandon Newton


While the specialties he's been most interested in has varied from Anesthesiologist to Healthcare Consultant, Brandon's commitment to serving in the medical field has been strong since he was a child. He was admitted to the University of New Mexico School of Medicine in 2014 and enjoys studying many topics ranging from General Medicine to Medical Ethics.  

Passion for Volunteering     

The desire to help others without expectation of reciprocation is one of Brandon's greatest characteristics. Volunteering to help re-build homes with Habitat For Humanity in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, serve as an ambassador for Big Brothers & Big Sisters of America, and founding Shelter San Diego are a few of Brandon's fondest memories, and he looks forward to continuing to serve those in need for as long as he is able.

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." -Winston Churchill 

Passion for Sharing and Collaborating

When open-minded people gather together with the intent of helping others and the world, amazing things take place. Brandon collaborates with others that share similar views and passions in order to create positive changes in the most efficient and effective ways possible. Similarly, Brandon enjoys sharing with others the products and services that have helped him achieve success along his journey in hopes that they may also help others.


Passion for Life

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